The World Beyond: al-Jazira Sadim

Breaking In & Breaking Out

Silent as the wind, Gy Manhan skirted the wall outside the auction house. Below, Bronwyn the Slayer unleashes Grinder upon the guard by the front gate, who drops his sheaf of papers and flees in terror. She unlocks the front door as Gy distracts the other two guards with some well-thrown pebbles and then swings down from the roof to the main entrance.

Now posing as a concerned, law-abiding citizen, Gy engages the two guards inside the auction house as Bronwyn slips into the rear warehouse. Using the papers she grabbed from the guard, she is able to find the palette with the Kirkland properties, but Beedle’s case is nowhere to be found. She spots a fearsome cloaked form rapidly approaching her. Despite its stony, burning flesh sears the two guards who rush to stop the intruder, but Bronwyn dispatches the creature with ease. After a quick search of the rest of the auction house, the pair flee into the night with Grinder.

The next day, they revisit the auction house, where the guards are taking credit for having fended off an attack by a “Dark One” the night before. Beedle’s case is never auctioned off, and the other attendees, including a mysterious man in white, are either uninteresting or dismissive.

The heroes spend the rest of the day preparing for the masked ball at Baron Pettigrew’s manor. Bronwyn’s lack of familiarity with South Sea flusters her, wasting Gy’s pack of hodgepodge items on failed attempts and makeshift costumes. She then nearly gets caught trying to steal clothes and has to lay low until sundown. Fortunately, Gy manages to secure a servant’s attire and a rough sketch of Pettigrew’s manor from the hotel kitchen staff.

Once at Pettigrew’s manor, Gy makes his way into the kitchen while Lady Cotton persuades the butler to get a mask for Bronwyn so she can attend the ball in style. These two try to head upstairs, but hostile guards embarrass Lady Cotton despite her best attempts at seducing come ons. Meanwhile, Gy realizes that the manor does not have a basement and develops a ruse that sends the entire servant staff looking for a missing brooch.

This ploy gets the group to the guards’ hangout on the other side of the manor, where Jebediah Cotton is being held. Gy sends away the staff and guests while Bronwyn kicks some guard ass while making a few lighthearted quips. The group rushes outside and heads down a pathway into the woods.

While this move gets a couple guards off their trail, another pair intercepts them as they leave the woods back to the road. Bronwyn gets a little bruised up fending off these goons as the rest of the groups flees.

Back in town, Jebediah reluctantly admits to his life as a pirate and the massive haul for which he was captured. However, he qualifies this heist by pointing out that stole it from the infamous villain Captain Mauser, rather than directly from Megalan merchants. In gratitude, he offers the heroes a share of the treasure, which they will retrieve together.



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