The World Beyond: al-Jazira Sadim

Episode 3: Ibrahim

Ibrahim's "Not Again!" Again

Frustration comes to Ibrahim in many forms

  • A chaste night with a prostitute (Fatima) that ends with only revelation as its climax.
  • A foolish attack led by a wrongheaded woman against 12 armed guards.
  • A trying conversation with a groggy bartender.
  • A fruitless conversation with a posted guard.
  • A hired prostitute, a scream down the hall.

And then, as if in slow motion, Ibrahim finds Fatima in the arms of another man. A shadowy man who pulls her from the windows Ibrahim dives to save her. But his considerable strength is not enough. He cries his mournful refrain, “Not again!” as she is pulled from his grasp. Ibrahim lands on his face, which damages his nasal passages and induces a temporal-lobe concussion, permanently disabling his sense of smell. The figure’s stygian aura swallows Fatima, and she is gone.

Frustration is the new Black. ■



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