The World Beyond: al-Jazira Sadim

Into the Mire

After the open ocean, South Sea is Jebediah Cotton’s second home, so he led you and his daughter to Joppie’s, one of his favorite taverns. “It’s fair enough the Watch’ll think us beneath it, but not so fair that the lovely patrons’ll give us a skance,” reasoned Cotton, though Gy had to ask Bronwyn what “skance” meant.

Joppie, a jovial and stout Goblin, was so thrilled to see his old friend alive that agreed to put you all up for the evening. He also insisted on a hearty round of Megalan mead and a pot roast.

Over dinner, you all shared a bit about yourselves. Jebediah was at first interested in learning more about Gy, perhaps because his daughter seemed suddenly smitten with him, but it soon became apparent that he was most inclined to learn more about Bronwyn, whose daring bravery had saved him and the group earlier that evening. Lavishing fatherly praise upon the young Bronwyn was pleasant enough, but it was easy to notice Virginia’s mood sour slightly. Gy made sure this did not last too long.

The next morning, Jebediah and Bronwyn headed out to scrounge up a crew and a ship for their journey and learned that Captain Mauser had retaliated against Cotton’s crew while he was imprisoned at the manor. The few remaining loyal to Jebediah were hard to find.

Meanwhile, Gy and Virginia got up considerably later and returned to their former inn to retrieve the Lady’s possessions. While she gathered her things, the innkeeper approached Gy with a note that had been delivered by a “man in white” for Bronwyn the day before. The note was an apology of sorts and an invitation to meet at the Temple of Hu-Babeh before dawn.

The next morning, Gy and Bronwyn found their way to the temple to meet the “man in white.” The abandoned structure reeked decay yet still retained the calming allure that once drew so many worshipers. Bronwyn ascended the curved ramp to the dark entryway and entered upon a moonlit amphitheater, at the center of which lay a crumpled body upon an altar.

Bronwyn stole her way to the altar and, overturning the body, was stunned to find the decaying corpse of Aporcus Beedle, that slimy character who’d tricked them into looking for his stupid box. Then, from the shadows emerged the man in white himself, grasping an emerald dagger with his blood-soaked hands.

The man in white uttered some nonsense about his “transformation” and how Bronwyn was the “only one who could stop him,” and, incensed by her wisecracks, leaped forth and cast her into the temple wall. Hearing Bronwyn’s cries, Gy and Grinder rushed into the temple, but the man in white easily kept them at bay with his dark magics.

As he moved in upon Bronwyn, the man in white suddenly appeared disturbed. Disappointedly, he proclaimed that she was not the “Slayer” and left the trio in the temple to suffer.

For the next two days, the group gathered a ragtag crew to set sail for Cotton’s treasure. Recruitment was tougher than it would have been because Bronwyn kept getting into brawls in taverns and Gy came off a bit too ardently on several occasions, but Cotton’s experience as a seasoned pirate made up for these limitations.

After a four day journey up the canal and then along the western coast of Lake Acheron, the ship anchored near Orlane, a small village near the hidden treasure. Cotton was still weak from his imprisonment, so he sent Jerry, his inept first mate, along with Gy and Bronwyn and a few other crew members ashore.

Skirting Orlane, the band made its way to the stream by which they were to find the cave in which the treasure resided, but recent rains had flooded the nearby land into a marsh. Following Jerry’s lead, the group became hopelessly lost and one crew member found himself sinking into a mud pit. Although Gy argued that losing a party member is simply a part of the natural order of the wild, Bronwyn attempted to kick some ass but failed to rescue the poor sap.

Together, Gy and Bronwyn wrested control of the group from the idiot Jerry and got them heading in the right direction. They finally found the three massive treasure chests within the promised cave. Now, they had to figure out how to get these enormous objects back through the muck to the ship…



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