The World Beyond: al-Jazira Sadim

Episode 4: Ibrahim

Ibrahim asks "What would Allah do?" and other questions

Stopping By Woods on a Foggy Evening

What was the strange altar found in the basement? Why was Balmar left alone there?

What possessed this Allahdamned goblin to assault Hassan without a question asked or answered? What possessed Ibrahim in the resulting murk that nearly wrested away his hope?

Why does Ibrahim still abide this Gebbel with his capriciousness (among other neuroses)? What would it take for all travel to be so uneventful as the next sun’s cycle?

A dead dog with arrows? How do you spell “Wawiqi”? Did Allah’s hand guide us to enlist to dispatch a caveful of “little dog people”? Would we not have been more successful if the lizard man hadn’t held us up and generally held us all in such contempt? Would you use the word “brilliant” to describe Ibrahim’s idea to trap the beasts behind their own pitfall trap?

Do you credit that the plan to surround Restenford with flaming pyres thereby trapping the residents was ill-founded? Why were the Wawiqi so intent in their desire to destroy humans? Are they perhaps racists?

Slams shield on table

When words wither a shield assures. ■



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