The World Beyond: al-Jazira Sadim

The Lady Betrayed

The heroes’ first sight upon being casy into the filth of South Sea is the attempted kidnaping of the beautiful Lady Cotton. Quite Heroically, Gy rushes to her aid, and Bronwyn follows. The two struggle with the lowly pirate until Bronwyn knocks his cutlass from his hand, and Gy uses it to slay him in a single blow.

Dragging the assailant and the Lady into a nearby alley, the heroes are approached by the odd Aporcus Beedle, who, impressed with their heroics, wants them to help secure a black cask for him from the auction house. Before they can complete the deal, Lady Cotton awakens and, shrieking at the sight of murder, forces the group to rush to the Royal Crown Tavern, where they are to meet someone who can help her find her missing father.

At the Royal Crown, the group finds out that Cotton’s father, a pirate, is being held prisoner at Baron Pettigrew’s manor. When he realizes she has no idea where her father’s stolen treasure is, the informant calls upon a group of thugs to seize her.

Bronwyn whisks Cotton to the kitchen, where they prepare a trap for her attackers should they get through the door. Meanwhile, Gy and Beedle fend of the thugs and rush outside when Bronwyn tells them to escape. Once outside, the heroes agree to secure Beedle’s possession that evening and meet him at the Cussing Crow in Scurvytown after sundown. The kitchen eventually begins to burn down, forcing the group to flee.

Cotton pays for the heroes’ new gear, and then they proceed to the auction house. Here, she flirts with and distracts a guard while Bronwyn snags his keys. Gy tries to convince two other guards to let them into the warehouse while Bronwyn sneaks back there alone. Two additonal guards there nearly spot her, but she and the others manage to slip away.

After talking an innkeeper into taking Cotton for the evening, the heroes return to the auction house as the sun sets. Gy successfully climbs the outer wall and spots two guards patroling the pathway around the auction house. Bronwyn anxiously awaits his signal below…

Learning from Experience

  • Bronwyn: Fighting, Stealth
  • Gy: Fighting, Persuasion



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