Gebbel Al-Udun

Backsliding Muslim herbalist and cutthroat


Gebbel started life in the poorer quarters of Gebel al-Hikmah the capitol of al-Haz. He soon found out where poor goblins fit into the scheme of things in this most devote country, somewhere very near the bottom. As a young goblin he was never very large or strong, but he was clever, and fast. He realized that it was best to not be there when things got bad, or at the very least not be easy to find.

His mother taught him the ways of the Prophet, how else could you survive in al-Haz? But she also taught him the old ways. The language of the ancient goblins. The way to use plants to heal and harm. The small gods that live in the rocks, streams, wadis, and plants. Gods the goblins worshiped before the word of the Prophet found them. Gods that could help a small, fast, smart goblin survive.

After a riot in Gebel al-Hikmah, Gebbel and his mother left the city, and moved to the Pillars of Heaven to try to escape some of the difficulties of the capitol and have a more comfortable life. Gebbel worked as a stable boy and muleskinner for a large caravanserai. He was a hard worker, but never really took to the animals. Perhaps because early on he lost the better part of one of his long handsome ears to the bite of a wealthy young warrior’s horse. Since then humans and goblins alike have called him “al-Udun” or “the Ear” in the Christian tongue.

Gebbel would also make a few coppers telling some of the local toughs and desert folk about wealthy pilgrims at the pillars. Some of these same thieves were responsible for the kidnapping of his beloved mother. Gebbel tracked the slavers’ caravan for weeks, eventually dispatching several of the guards and freeing his mother, along with several other slaves.

In Restenford, far from anyplace they had ever called home, Gebbel and his mother parted ways. She wanted to find a place far from civilization to find peace and safety, while Gebbel wanted to see more of the world. He found his mother transport back to the lands of the Prophet. Then hearing Ryro Barbarsy, a famous Goblin explorer and adventurer, was piloting a ship to far off lands, Gebbel decided to try to join the crew.

Gebbel Al-Udun

The World Beyond: al-Jazira Sadim raye