Goblin Priest of the Old Faith

Level Race
1 Goblin
Str Dex Mind
-3 +3 +1
Health Sanity
1 10


Knowledge: +5

Survival: +1

Physical: +1

Subterfuge: +1

Key of Glittering Gold (Gain XP when wealth is acquired);
Key of Faith, Old Gods (Gain XP for defending faith, converting others, and defending faith at personal risk)

Communication Opportunist (Re-roll Communication Conflicts up to Level/2 times per session).
Pagan Magic

Acolyte of the Old Gods.

Equipment of Note

  • Book on Magic of the Old Gods (Pagan Magic).

  • Obsidian Sacrificial Dagger.


Melnox, Mel to his friends, was born in Yibyorak to a family of moderate means. His father worked as a factor for a wealthier Goblin family. While he lived in relative comfort, Melnox was constantly surrounded by those much wealthier than he. This lead him to develop a life long thirst for the good life (Key of Glittering Gold).

While Melnox learned the merchant business from his Father, his good for nothing uncle (on his mother’s side) Tomand was teaching him “history.” Tomand was one of the minority of Goblins who clung to the faith in the Old Gods. The knowledge was much polluted by generations of oral history (books on the Old Faith can get you burned at the stake), but Tomand was able to introduce Melnox to his roots (Aspect: Acolyte of the Old Gods).

Unlike the distant God of Christianity, the Old Gods were present to their worshipers. They could be bargained with, cajoled, begged, and even threatened. With tangible results. But the Old Gods demand blood for their favor, and ritual killings are not easily accomplished in Megalos without drawing attention.

Melnox set off for the distant western marches, Caithness and the Orclands. There he planned to found a temple to Pynorax, the ancient Goblin God of Death. In his travels to the west, Melnox found much persecution, and little opportunity to found his temple. He also met some fellow outsiders, and began questing for lost knowledge of his religion. His quests have brought him to al-Jazira Sadim, where he found a book filled with lost knowledge of the old ways (Ability: Pagan Magic).


Melnox respects all of the Goblin Old Gods, and he might call on any of them for help within their own particular realm, but he worships only Pynorax, the Dragon of Death. Melnox has anointed himself a Priest of Pynorax, including sacred tattoos over his heart and down his spine. He dresses as a Priest of Pynorax should (or, at least, as best he’s been able to determine a Priest of Pynorax should). He dresses only in black and white, and always has a deep hood attached to whatever he’s wearing (though he doesn’t walk around with his hood up all the time).


Melnox is fundamentally seeking the easy life. He believes in the Old Gods because he has seen their power, and he wants to be on the right side of that power. He hungers for gold not to stare at and count, but because of the luxuries it brings. Melnox believes he can bring back worship of the Old Gods, and that doing so will have tremendous rewards for him, both in this life and beyond.


Melnox is a slight Goblin of average height. His skin is very pale for a Goblin (he has bleached it in the past), and he keeps his black hair cut severely short. He only wears black and white, and while he prefers a full length flowing robe, he generally wears more practical trousers or breeches, a simple cotton shirt, and a black cloak with a hood. Melnox has very distinctive tattoos over his chest, legs, and back. Someone with even minimal knowledge of the Old Gods can easily see these tattoos mark him as a devotee. As a result, Melnox keeps them covered as he can.


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