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  • Exceptional/d8: Ass-Kicking Teen Slayer (Calling) (3)
  • Interesting/d4: Street Urchin (Past) (2), Find Mentor in Magic (Mission), Bite Me, Resourceful
  1. Swimming, Healing, Survival, and Tracking do not quite click with Bronwyn’s background so far. If you really want access to skills like these, feel free to rework.
  2. Lockpicking, Stealth, Streetwise
  3. Fighting, Shooting, Notice, Taunt, Guts, Investigation

Equipment: Leather Armor, Dagger, Sling with 20 stones, Blank treasure map, some gemstones


Phase 1. Background

Bronwyn grew up in a small village in Caithness, where her parents had moved so her mother could openly practice as a priestess. Her mother’s ability to mystically heal and bless local villagers amazed Bronwyn, but the magic tricks her mother performed only at home, like levitating bowls and flash-frying a duck, were the most intriguing because they were their little secret. From an early age, Bronwyn wanted to learn all these spells and more.

Then tragedy struck. Separated from her loving parents during the quarantine in the early years of the Soulless Plague, Bronwyn stood on the outskirts of her village, she watched in horror as an unruly mob of “Purifiers” burn her home to the ground.

Bronwyn fled to Durham, a barony in the heart of Caithness, where she learned to live on the streets, pilfering and stealing just to survive. Her fellow street urchins came to rely on her, as she seemed to have an unusual knack for procuring food and other necessities.

One day, as she was relieving a merchant of his underutilized store of apples, a mysterious robed figure approached her during her hasty exit from the market.

“That was quite a trick you pulled, young lady,” he said, impressed by her sleight of hand. “But I can teach you real magic.”

Bronwyn eyed his elegantly embroidered robes and his bulging money purse and said, “I’m listening.”

Bronwyn agreed to join the stranger, who turned to be a recruiter for a nearby monastery training other youths with special abilities who had been there weeks or months longer than Bronwyn.

  • Tags = Street Urchin, Ass-Kicking Kid, Bite Me

Phase 2. Defining Moment

Though promised to be an education in magic, Bronwyn’s regimen consisted of grueling physical conditioning and endless meditation and prayer. She persistently questioned the monks about her magical education, but they merely responded that those lessons would come in time. Bronwyn’s discontent grew when she realized few of her fellow students shared her suspicions of the monks’ true agenda.

One night, when cleaning up after dinner, she overheard two of the monastery’s leaders bickering about their readiness for a secret sacrifice to the pagan god “Hissaragg.” Apparently, the monks had been spiking everyone elses’ drinks with a mind-numbing potion that would prepare them for passage into a life of servitude, but had kept Bronwyn’s drink untainted so she would remain pure for the sacrifice!

Frightened, Bronwyn fled to a nearby port, where she stowed away on a smuggling ship, intent on finding a real mentor in magic who could help her unlock her powers and undo the monks’ nefarious scheme.

Tags = Ass-Kicking Teen Girl, Slayer in Training, Slay Some Undead!


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