The World Beyond: al-Jazira Sadim

Smugglers on the Run

Gy Manhan and Bronwyn the Slayer have been aboard a smuggling vessel for a couple days, making stops at various small villas along the coast of Acheron, before they are called upon to make deliveries themselves.

Under the cover of a low mist, the pair heads to shore and unfortunately soil some of the deliveries with a poor landing on a hidden beach north of town. After a half hour of trekking through the woods, they make it to a residential portion of the village.

Their first stop, at a church, is brief, though the priest, accepting a delivery of Megalan wine, is insistent that the pair share a drink with him. Their next stop is less successful, as they lose patience waiting for Lady Fairchilde in her manor and instead steal three silver candelabras to make up for the lost payment on her goods.

Making their way quickly back down towards the docks, Gy persuades inquisitive watchmen that their business in town is innocent and gets them to point them toward the King’s Head Tavern. There, the bartender slips them a note indicating that their next recipient is being watched. Slipping outside, the pair opens the delivery, a note written in an unreadable foreign language. As they debate their next move, a band of watchmen hurrying toward the tavern stop and question Gy as Bronwyn slips into the shadows.

Gy manages to convince them that he has no idea of the whereabouts of the ruffians who robbed Lady Fairchilde’s manor. Meanwhile, Bronwyn has snuck around to the other side of the tavern, where she creates a distraction by smashing the window. The watchmen barge inside, clearing the way for the pair to make a mad dash to the docks.

Two watchmen on the dock intercept the pair as they steal a rowboat, and one of them wounds Gy. Although the pair manages to outrow the watchmen swimming after them, another group follows them to the smugglers’ ship, which is forced to depart early.

The captain, enraged that the pair not only failed to make three of the four deliveries but also brought the town watch directly to the hull of the ship, has confiscated their possessions and locked them up beneath the deck, to be punished at his discretion once the ship is far from Araterre.

Learning from Experience

  • Gy: Boating, Stealth, Notice, Agility
  • Bronwyn: Boating, Notice

Adventure Post-Script

The next morning, the Captain takes the heroes above deck for a public flogging of twenty lashes each. Although dramatic, the flogging itself was weak, but the Captain nonetheless is able to strike fear into the heroes’ hearts when he tells them of his plans for them. They will be banished from the ship deposited without weapons or money in South Sea, the infamous center of all piracy, crime, and destitution in Ytarria. With this, he casts them back to their holding cells. Gy’s wound from the docks remains untended and will have to heal naturally.


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