MULRAH (Current Release, Previous Releases) is a mash-up of the Microlite20 and FATE role-playing games, incorporating various modern innovations into an SRD-compatible system. This game provides a way to introduce players to “indie” games by way of a rule set that should be familiar to anyone who has played the world’s most popular fantasy RPG.

MULRAH for Players

MULRAH is designed to introduce those familiar with Microlite20 or the Primary Fantasy SRD to innovative “indie” or modern rules. The “basics” of MULRAH are quite similar to games you’ve likely seen before, with simplified Stats (STR, DEX, MIND), Levels, and so on. Things get a little more divergent when it comes to Aspects, but MULRAH tries to keep it as simple as possible. In addition to MULRAH’s base rules, you will also want to check out:


GMs will find the following resources helpful as they run their own games of MULRAH.

Theory Behind MULRAH

If you want to learn more about the thought process behind MULRAH’s development, you might want to read the following essays.

For more information on previous versions of MULRAH, see the Release Schedule. MULRAH is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.


The World Beyond: al-Jazira Sadim Mulrah