Random 5 Room Dungeon Generator

This is an edited reprint of Davide Quatrini’s “Random 5-Rooms Dungeon Generator” from the 5-Room Dungeons collection on Roleplaying Tips.

You need only a d6 for using the following tables (roll it once for each room).

Room 1: Entrance and Guardian

1-2 The dungeon is an ancient stronghold. The entrance is a magically sealed door, and the guardian is a clockwork fighter.

3-4 The dungeon is a mine. The entrance is a small trapped cave, and the guardian is a domesticated grizzly bear.

5-6 The dungeon is an illusion. The entrance is a phantom bridge of fire, and the guardian is an illusory dragon.

Room 2: Puzzle or Role-Playing Challenge

1-2 The PCs find the ghost of a hero an ancient race. If they want to give him peace, they must find his corpse and bury it using a complex ritual.

3-4 The PCs find a magical scroll. If they solve its puzzle (Q: 1, 2, 5…; A: 26), they receive a magic item from another plane.

5-6 The PCs find a madman trapped in the dungeon. If they cure him, he will reveal vital information about the place.

Room 3: Trick or Setback

1-2 If the PCs try to open or break the lock of the exit door, a sphere of solid force will entrap them.

3-4 If the PCs remain in the room for a minute longer, the walls will release a poisonous gas.

5-6 If the PCs touch the illusory chest contained in the room, the ceiling will collapse on them.

Room 4: Climax, Big Battle, or Conflict

1-2 The final boss is a terrible dragon. It will accept treasure in exchange for the PCs’ lives.

3-4 The final boss is a humanoid army. They accept food and prisoners in exchange for the PCs’ lives.

5-6 The final boss is a powerful dark wizard. She will accept magic items and new spells in exchange for the PCs’ lives.

Room 5: Reward, Revelation, Plot Twist

1-2 PCs find an ancient and powerful artifact, but someone else is searching for it.

3-4 PCs find NPC prisoners, one of whom is a polymorphed demon.

5-6 PCs find a large amount of cursed treasure.

Random 5 Room Dungeon Generator

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