Ismail ibn Yusef

Muslim traveler, religious and scholarly, looking to rebuild his father's wealth and library


Ismail had a privileged childhood, his father Yusef being a vizier and scholar with a home overlooking the river in the city of Tredroy. His father’s political fortunes fell on hard times, so Ismail and his mother were tossed out of their home, and his father was imprisoned. Yusef is assumed to have died in prison, but no one knows much about what happens behind those walls.

Since his teens, Ismail has traveled from mosque to mosque, studying with former allies of his father. He is very knowledgeable about his faith and history and is fluent in Anglish. His motivation is to rebuild his father’s fortune and, most importantly, his fabled library. Ismail carries a bundle of scrolls and papers he salvaged from his father’s library. This is his talisman against the loneliness and fear he feels in the world.

When studying at a particularly venerable mosque, his thirst for knowledge led him to open the crypts beneath the temple. There he found dusty tomes with scraps of knowledge he sought… and something terrible and dark. Without complete understanding and on pure instinct, he bellowed the name of Allah and banished the undead creature to hell. This newfound power is still mysterious to him, but he suspects that his steeping in theology and drive for knowledge, which he considers holy, has connected him to the divine.

Following this, he traveled to the Pillars of Heaven with a bodyguard Ibrahim who lived at the same mosque where he had opened the crypt. There he met a variety of unsavory characters. He also studied for two years with a hermit who had known his father. The hermit confirmed that Yusef also had a divine connection, which may have played into the charges of witchery that helped land him in jail.

Ismail ibn Yusef

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