End of Days

These are troubled times in Ytarria. The mighty Megalan Empire has been torn down the middle by rebellion. Pirates and crime lords have taken over the port cities along Megalos’ once prosperous coast. Legions of undead swarm the Dead Kingdoms to the north.

Amidst even this chaos comes a terror greater than anything since before the Time of Men: the Soulless Curse. As if forsaken by God, every newborn for the last decade remains without speech, and many have adopted savage ways, no matter how careful their upbringing. The Church, believing the abuse of magic to be the cause of this curse, refuses to use any to cure these soulless children, instead encouraging families to seek answers in prayer. Many believe now that the End of Days is nigh, but, on the eve of Judgment Day, an uneasy peace has settled among the civilized nations.

In a world that seems to have no future, it is becoming common to find solace in the past. Can understanding one’s true heritage ease the passing of this world? Might the unlocking of one’s destiny reveal a greater path to salvation? So begins the World Beyond: End of Days.

The Savage Seas

Starring Gy Manhan and Bronwyn

End of Days

The World Beyond: al-Jazira Sadim Mulrah