Gy Manhan

Gy Manhan was raised by a priest in the fishing village Manhan, near Dekamera in Southern Megalos. Always drawn to the outdoors, Gy did not abide by his father’s insistence upon moving to the city and getting an education; he thus remains illiterate to this day. Indeed, Gy has always felt different from those around him. Apart from being shorter and of darker complexion, he was never interested in the bustling mercantilism of Dekamera, which seemed to him a rather unnatural focus for any man, always likely to lead to no good.

Instead, Gy spent most of his youth exploring the fields and the beaches around Manhan. Here, he met Grinder, his pet wolf, though his father always insisted on calling it a “dog.” During one of Gy’s reluctant chores in the city, he heard the first of soon many stories about the Slassraggs, a distant and mystical people who loved nature and, according to legend, could transform themselves into different animals.

As Gy got older, his instincts about the money-loving men of the coast proved true. Pirates had gradually been gaining control of villages in Southern Megalos, laying waste to them or turning them into their own havens for treasure hoarding and crime. As news reached Manhan of the northern movement of the pirates’ plunder, any fool could recognize that Manhan was next.

Gy’s father was preparing to leave, but it was too late. Three ships, led by the infamous Captain Mauser, landed near Manhan and burned the village to the ground, leaving Gy’s father with mortal wounds. With his dying breath, he told Gy a shocking truth: Gy was not his son – he had been adopted. In fact, Gy was not even human – he was one of the Elder Races!

Despite the tragedy of his father’s death, Gy’s life suddenly made sense. In search of the legendary Sahud, home of his people, he and Grinder left Manhan the next day. They made their way hundreds of miles to Mehan in the Midlands, where they, having nearly run out of money, boarded a smuggler’s ship making its way around Acheron. The Sahud was two seas – or was it three? – away, so this first leg of the journey should get him halfway there.

Gy Manhan

The World Beyond: al-Jazira Sadim Mulrah