Bronwyn the Slayer is one in a long line of female warriors avowed to protect the world from undead menaces like vampires, zombies, ghouls, ghosts, skeletons, and the like. She spent her youth in Durham, a barony in the heart of Caithness, but, when her destiny was revealed at the age of ten, a group of monks whisked her south to Photius, the seat of Church Law. For years, she was forced to learn the ancient ways of the Slayer through intense study of “Purifying Spells and Holy Magics” and grueling physical practice.

However, little of her studies seemed relevant. The monks did not want her to use any of the mystical powers “yet,” and the entire nation of Caithness seemed oddly bereft of any undead. Bronwyn tried to cast some of the spells she learned in secret, but none of them worked.

As she read more, Bronwyn realized that Slayers had not always relied on magic to aid them and that Slayers from the “Old World” (whatever that meant) used only their physical prowess in battle to defeat the undead. She had heard of the Dead Kingdoms to the northeast, supposedly overrun by the undead; if she did not really need her mystical powers, why wasn’t she there already?

Without further ado, she left Photius to get some real world slaying experience. If she could meet someone along the way who could actually teach her how to use her mystical powers, even better.


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